a header image with the headline the south african company culture health index displayed over wooden blocks being stacked on top of one another with healthcare icons on them

We run the South African Company Culture Health Index on an ongoing basis, generating insights to better understand how healthy South Africa’s companies are in terms of culture.


This survey is open to the public for participation, offering all South Africans an opportunity to share their workplace experiences in 6 categories.


  1. Quality of leadership – in which ask how organisational leadership performs across 20 key areas of great leadership.
  2. Engagement – in which we ask which benefits and engagement experiences companies offer, as well as how important they are to employees.
  3. Career development – in which we ask respondents to rate the quality of their organisation’s career development or performance management processes, as well as what they want out of their career development engagements
  4. Collaboration – in which we ask respondents about their experience with their colleagues, work environment and work processes.
  5. Consistency – in which we examine how authentic the respondent’s experiences are at work
  6. Creativity – in which we ask whether or not companies encourage and enable creativity and innovation in the workplace.


The survey does not gather any personal data about the respondent or the company. Instead, responses are categorised by industry, company size, basic demographic information and income bracket.

Run your own Company Culture Health Index

We also run a personalised version of this survey for companies who want to measure their cultural health, and gain insight into the areas they can improve.

The South African Company Culture Health Index is a first and we believe will help us an our clients find opportunities to increase employee engagement.


If you’d like to know more, pop us a mail on contact@simonpureconsulting.com or see the results for 2019 in our blog.