Creativity at work unpacked

Creativity at work is sometimes viewed as the exclusive purvue of ‘artsy’ careers – marketing, the arts, interior decorating, that sort of thing. But in this era of rapid change in technology, increasing need for understanding the human experience at work, customer satisfaction expectations and the arrival of AI and Machine Learning, this old-fashioned view…

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20 Qualities of Leadership

These 20 qualities of leadership are cited most often in articles on the subject. We wanted to find out how well South Africa’s company leaders are performing in each area, according to the people that work for and with them. Using the responses from our South African Company Culture Health Index, we developed this infographic.…

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5 Signs of dysfunctional culture

A dysfunctional culture within a company can seriously hinder its success, or even break a business. As Peter Drucker said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Yet often, businesses focus on revising strategy again and again before they ever look at their culture as a possible reason for their struggles. As more and more organisations around…

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