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South Africa COVID-19 Coronavirus emergency hotline and updates

Covid-19 information and updates are available on the Department of Health’s online resource and news portal.

Stay safe during the lockdown!

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simon-pure provides strategic business consulting services to help organisations achieve a purposeful and successful business. Through Insight, Identity and Engagement, we work with our clients to create alignment between their brand and their company culture.


Our bespoke interventions help our clients to deliver an authentic engagement experience for employees and customers alike.


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Marketing in a crisis: to spend or not to spend?

Marketing in a crisis, whether it’s a company-specific crisis or a country-wide one, always raises the question of whether to continue spending or cut the budget to alleviate some financial pressure. The COVID-19 pandemic, the national lockdown, and the fear that an unprecedented recession will follow, certainly constitutes a crisis for businesses.   Many are under…

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Is company culture undermining COVID-19 containment efforts?

COVID-19 and it’s rapid spread globally led to President Cyril Ramaphosa announcing a National State of Disaster in response to the pandemic on Sunday, 15 March 2020, and outlining Government’s measures to contain the spread of the virus. Since then, businesses in South Africa have responded quickly and comprehensively. This week I have received e-mails…

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Creativity at work unpacked

Creativity at work is sometimes viewed as the exclusive purvue of ‘artsy’ careers – marketing, the arts, interior decorating, that sort of thing. But in this era of rapid change in technology, increasing need for understanding the human experience at work, customer satisfaction expectations and the arrival of AI and Machine Learning, this old-fashioned view…

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3 Low-cost employee engagement ideas for SMMEs

Low-cost employee engagement initiatives may sound like an oxymoron. So many of the approaches used by top employers can be expensive to develop, implement and maintain. In our recent South African Company Culture Health Index survey, we asked respondents to tell us which engagement initiatives really matter to them, and guess what? It wasn’t the…

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Employee Engagement: Achieve results with benefits that matter

Employee engagement is a key concern for any purpose-driven business. In our South African Company Culture Health Index, we asked our respondents to tell us how their companies are trying to engage with them, and how important each engagement effort is to them. The results might surprise you.   Employee engagement efforts and their value…

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20 Qualities of Leadership

These 20 qualities of leadership are cited most often in articles on the subject. We wanted to find out how well South Africa’s company leaders are performing in each area, according to the people that work for and with them. Using the responses from our South African Company Culture Health Index, we developed this infographic.…

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