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Engagement happens when an organisation’s authentic identity – its clearly defined brand philosophy and desired culture – finds expression in its day-to-day activities. This is critical to effectively attract and retain clients and talent.


From policies and processes, to marketing and communications, to leadership behaviour, career development and team dynamics, to customer experiences – there are multiple daily touch points that provide the opportunity to deliver an authentic engagement experience. And just as many opportunities to fail.


We work with our clients to ensure there are practical tools and measures in place at each touch point to help every employee deliver on the brand’s promise to customers. We also consider each employee touch point within the business to help our clients design engaging career experiences, not just career paths.


In this way, we help businesses deliver authentic engagement experiences inside and outside the organisation. This ultimately leads to increased productivity and profitability.


Engagement and change

Successful engagement is about behaviour change. We design bespoke solutions to create the desired behaviour from employees, or customers, or both – linking brand positioning, desired culture and the company’s strategic goals. We also provide change management support.


While each client has their own specific needs and opportunities, there are some interventions we have found helpful for organisations seeking to align cultural behaviours with brand identity. We help to design or redesign these interventions.

Engagement for cultural behaviour change:

  • Performance Management Systems
  • Reward & Recognition Programmes
  • Employee Engagement Programmes
  • Key Talent Development Programmes
  • Leadership Development Programmes
  • Organisational Realignment
  • System, Process and Policy Redesign


Engagement for client satisfaction and retention:

  • Client Journey Planning
  • Customer Service Redesign
  • Key Account Management Planning
  • Data Management & Reporting


Through these types of interventions, we help our clients achieve strategic goals, deliver authentic experiences for customers and employees, and attract and retain talent and customers.

Pricing guide

Designing engagement interventions can be approached as a project, and as such each intervention is quoted on individually.


However, for clients that want a more co-creative approach and support in managing the change processes we recommend a Fractional CMCO (Chief Marketing and Culture Officer) model.


The Fractional CMCO model allows for a C-Suite level expert in marketing and culture to spend time within the business, guiding internal teams and outsourced service providers on project implementation and spending time with leaders and influencers in the business to assist with change adoption.


The model is infinitely malleable – our clients determine how much CMCO time they need to achieve their goals and an agreement is drawn up accordingly. The model is ideal for businesses that need a C-Suite level resource to achieve their goals, but can’t commit to a full time, expensive senior resource.


If you’d like to know more about this model, pop us a mail on contact@simonpureconsulting.co.za or complete the form below and we’ll get in touch.