These 20 qualities of leadership are cited most often in articles on the subject. We wanted to find out how well South Africa’s company leaders are performing in each area, according to the people that work for and with them. Using the responses from our South African Company Culture Health Index, we developed this infographic.


20 Qualities of Leadership – an infographic


20 qualities of leadership 1 to 9 communication, adaptability and agility, creativity, ethics, inclusiveness, sharing vision and strategy, wisdom, competence, listening and supportiveness


20 qualities of leadership 10 to 20 conflict management, courage, openness to new ideas, building and maintaining relationships, emotional intelligence EQ, approachability, decision making, trustworthiness, living company values, transparency, leading by example


Read more about the results of our Company Culture Health Index for 2019 or add your feedback to our ongoing survey.

Posted by:Elaine Porter

I am a strategic business consultant who is passionate about helping companies match their insides to their outsides. In other words, I believe that an authentic business is a successful one. This means aligning internal and external marketing and communications activity with the company’s culture, or vice versa.