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simon-pure Consulting is a strategic business consultancy that specialises in helping organisations achieve a purposeful business. We believe that purpose can be found in authentic experience – when the expectations created in branding and marketing are met at each point of contact with a business.


To help our clients deliver an authentic experience, for their employees and their customers, we focus on creating alignment between the brand and the company’s culture. In this way, brand promise and company behaviour work together to give employees a sense of purpose and shared values. This in turn leads to a better customer experience. Realignment can be needed internally, externally or both.


Brand and Marketing Consulting

As organisations grow and change, so should their brand. We help organisations, both B2B and B2C, refresh and reposition their brands to capture what makes them unique in their markets.


We begin by refining the brand philosophy, and then work with our clients to develop corporate identity, tone of voice, marketing strategy, internal communications strategy, employer brand and customer experience strategy that demonstrates this philosophy.


Company Culture Consulting

Company Culture is seldom actively managed, so that behaviour within an organisation and the brand promise it advertises lose touch with each other over time. When this happens, it can lead to disengaged employees and dissatisfied customers, simply because expectations are not being met.


We help our clients take a more hands-on approach to managing their company culture to ensure that behaviour within supports the brand promise. This can be done through a variety of interventions, ranging from employer/ employee value propositions to career development programmes to rewards and recognition to leadership and talent development strategies.


Each client has their own unique challenges, as well as their own unique opportunities to create more purposeful experiences. For this reason, we prefer to tailor each intervention for each client, supporting and delivering an authentic engagement experience for employees and customers alike.


Tailoring solutions for you

We follow three phases in creating an authentic experience: Insight, Identity and Engagement. Organisations can enter the journey with us at any phase.



In this way, we seek out and incorporate the meaning and purpose inherent in a business to help people within the organisation and its clients connect in a meaningful, sustainable way.


What success looks like

All of this can and should have an impact on profitibaility. We align the marketing and culture strategies we develop with business strategy so that they will support business objectives and enable success.


Whether this means repositioning the brand, or creating programmes that drive behaviour change among employees, we help our clients define the measure of successful change.


As businesses large and small work to succeed in a rapidly changing world, we believe authentic experience is what creates market differentiation, attracts the right talent and keeps customers loyal.


Pricing models

Our approach to pricing is as tailored to our clients’ needs as the strategies and execution plans we develop for them. Currently, we use two main approaches:


  • Project Model – we work with you to understand your challenge, define a project scope and agree delivery timelines. We then provide a quote.
  • Fractional CMCO (Chief Marketing and Culture Officer) Model – we assign a marketing and/ or culture expert to work within your organisation at an executive or management level for an agreed period of time, in keeping with your budget.


Both models rely on a maximum consulting rate of R 900 per hour. However, this basic rate is adapted depending on the client’s needs, the intensity of the work required and the duration of the engagement.

We’d love to meet to talk about how we could work with you. To arrange an old school coffee, or a digital age skype call, pop us a mail on contact@simonpureconsulting.com or complete the form below.