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To gain insight into your business, we engage with your people and clients, and examine your processes, policies and procedures, to get a holistic view of your business. This allows us to understand how your brand is perceived, how you work, and which practices are contradictory or aligned to your brand, values and market positioning.


When more quantitative insight is needed, and you don’t have recent brand or employee survey data available to work with, we design and conduct research projects to gain insight in these areas:


Brand Identity and Perception

Brand surveys are designed to help uncover:


  • What your customers and employees believe about your brand
  • What their expectations are of your company
  • Why they choose to engage with you, or why they would rather engage with the competition
  • Whether their experience with your brand supports your strategic goals.


Answering these questions informs whether or not a brand refresh or repositioning excercise is right for your business. It also helps us find the beliefs and perceptions that you can leverage to create more authentic experiences, for customers or employees or both.


Company Culture and Behaviour

Culture and behaviour surveys are designed to gain insight into:


  • How people in your organisation do their work
  • How your company values are interpreted and understood, and how this translates into day-to-day behaviour at work
  • How ‘the way we do things around here’ aligns with, or differs from, your company values
  • What your employees truly value and how their values translate into actions, engagement or disengagement at work
  • How your processes, policies, procedures and leadership enable or hinder the culture you want.


By examining the beliefs and behaviours within your organisation, we are able to find the threads of alignment and engagement that could be used to elevate productivity, quality of work and your employees’ happiness.


We are also able to find the causes of dischord and disengagement that lead to low productivity, high staff and client turnover rates, and other unwanted behaviours within your business. These insights are the first step towards more actively managing company culture.



Engagement surveys can examine either internal or external points of contact to understand:


  • Which practices within your business keep your employees or customers happy and engaged
  • Which practices within your business undermine the values and brand promises you want to deliver in your market
  • How satisfied your people or your customers are with their experience with your organisation
  • What you can change to create better engagement for retaining top talent or earning client loyalty.


Insights gained from these surveys inform strategy and execution plan designs to improve customer and employee experiences all along the journey map.


Articulating Insights

Thorough research often reveals elements of dissent, or strengths in behaviour, that the organisation may not be able to articulate clearly. Often behaviours and perceptions are so ingrained that they are difficult to explain to an outsider, such as a new employee or a new customer.


By asking questions and considering your brand and culture from an objective point of view, we are able to find the authentic threads that make your business unique and articulate them in a way that improves engagement, enables clearer communication, and helps you meet both employee and customer expectations.


From here, we can work with you to use these insights in crafting a new or refreshed Identity for your business.


What does it cost?

A project costing model is usually best for the Insights phase. An insights project could include any combination of the following elements:


  • Review – you provide access to existing material for us to review and find your authentic threads, under a non-disclosure agreement if the information is sensitive. These could include employee and/ or client surveys, marketing materials, Google Analytics, brand research or market research.
  • Survey-based research – we design and run an appropriate survey for your needs, and provide a report outlining the results and highlighting the most useful insights.
  • Full brand or culture research – we design a research project to gather both quantitative and qualititative insights from customers, employees or both, and provide a report outlining the results and highlighting the most useful insights.
  • Internal communications support – we provide design, writing, editing and channel support for your Insights project to encourage participation from employees.


Projects are quoted based on project scope and delivery timelines, but can start from as little as R 12 000 for a simple survey project.