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An authentic Identity that customers and emplaoyees relate to is an important part of attracting both the clients you want to work with, and the talent you want to employ.


As businesses grow and respond to change, this authentic sense of identity can become blurry; even lost. From time to time, businesses need to reposition themselves, refresh or relaunch their brands to recapture what makes them unique.


Whether the market in which a business operates is underdifferentiated, or whether new elements of identity need to be incorporated, we help organisations articlate an identity that is authentic for them.


An authentic identity lives within a business’ culture first. The way employees behave towards each other, and towards customers, can either reinforce or undermine a brand. No matter how good the marketing strategy is, if the cutlure isn’t aligned the organisation can’t deliver on its brand promises.


Insight is key to successfully defining authentic identity

This is why we believe that real insight is vital to finding the authentic threads that make a business unique. Understanding the dynamic that exists between your brand and your culture informs how best to define your identity so that the business’ strengths can be leveraged.


As such, we are able to help our clients develop insights through reviews and research. We use this insight to develop brands and culture strategy that authentically captures your desired market positioning and organisational culture.


Where brand and culture align

Sometimes, a client simply needs to refresh its brand to create better market differentiation. Other times, an active approach to changing behaviours within the business is needed to deliver on the brand’s promise. Sometimes, it’s both.


We work with our clients to achieve authentic alignment through:

  • Brand Design or Redesign
  • Company Culture Strategy
  • Marketing & Communications Strategy
  • Employer Branding Strategy
  • Internal Communications Strategy
  • Recruitment & Retention Strategy

We ensure each of these strategic elements aligns to your business’ strategic goals, and enables the authentic brand and culture alignment that will help you to achieve those goals.


Pricing Guide

Strategy development is a collaborative project, and once completed allows clients to take implementation, measurement, and maintenance back in house. A traditional consulting approach works best, in which we agree a budget with the client upfront and then provide time sheets and feedback at agreed intervals throughout.


Beyond Identity and Strategy

Executing on strategy is often more challenging than developing the strategy in the first place. As such, we prefer to partner with our clients whenever possible to ensure successful strategy execution, and agility in adapting the strategy as needed.


We work with our clients to develop executable, measurable interventions and solutions that create engagement for employees and your customers.